Strategic plan


The Pine Knoll Shores Board of Commissioners adopted the Town's Strategic Plan on February 14, 2014. The plan covers seven strategic areas for the Town, but is not comprehensive. In each of the strategic areas, there are goals, which are broad statements of an ideal condition, objectives, which are measurable mileposts that tell us if we are achieving our goals, and action items, which are tasks that will help to achieve the goals. This page is public monitoring central for the strategic plan, and you can anticipate regular updates to the strategic area pages.

Full plan

Beach Preservation

Goal: Maintain our beach profile and strengthen our frontal dune system in as fiscally and environmentally responsible a way as possible 

Objective 1: Maintain sand levels in accordance with triggers outlined in the Bogue Banks Master Plan 

Objective 2: Remain eligible for FEMA Storm Loss Mitigation 

Objective 3: Maintain adequate funding for beach renourishment 

Objective 4: Maintain/strengthen the frontal dune system 

Objective 5: Maintain the Pine Knoll Shores Static Line Exception with the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management

Fiscal Planning

Goal: Manage financial resources to provide for a well-run and efficient government  

Objective: Responsibly steward the Town's financial resources

Environment/Natural Resources

Goal: Maintain and protect the Town's natural environment  

Objective 1: Limit adverse impacts on the environment 

Objective 2: Encourage responsible public use and enjoyment of natural resources

Residency/Commercial Development

Goal: Maintain and improve residential (small town) character and appearance 

Objective 1: Development and redevelopment in Pine Knoll Shores will maintain established residential character

Objective 2: Support access to necessary goods and services 

Objective 3: Maintain small town character through accessibility to Town government


Goal: Improve and maintain municipal property  

Objective 1: Minimize unaccounted for water loss 

Objective 2: Provide safe and well-maintained public streets 

Objective 3: Implement the Pine Knoll Shores Pedestrian Master Plan 

Objective 4: Maintain professional, safe, functional, and attractive public facilities

Public Safety & Disaster Planning

Goal: Maintain a safe and secure community 

Objective 1: Obtain and maintain fully certified/accredited public safety programs 

Objective 2: Maintain a low crime rate and increase case closure rate 

Objective 3: Prepare for and be ready to react to natural and manmade disasters 

Objective 4: Maintain an efficient and effective firefighting and EMS capability

Community Involvement

Goal: Build a stronger sense of community 

Objective 1: Encourage participation of residents in the service of the community 

Objective 2: Seek and support civic activity to bring citizens together 

Objective 3: Consider unique needs of part-time residents and visitors