Emergency Management

The Pine Knoll Shores Emergency Management team focuses on ocean related weather events as the primary threat to the citizens of Pine Knoll Shores.

The Town of Pine Knoll Shores is located on the North Carolina outer banks and is highly susceptible to ocean related weather events. Other threats such as nor’easters and ice/snow storms do pose a threat to Pine Knoll Shores but not at the intensity of an ocean borne weather threat. Pine Knoll Shores has the following threat and frequency levels associated with natural disasters.

Event     ThreaT     Frequency

Earthquake         Low                       Low

Hurricane            High                      Medium

Nor'easter           Medium                Medium

Tornado               High                     High

Severe Winter     Low                      Low

Wildfire                Low                      Low

Flood                   Medium                Medium

Tsunami              High                      Low

Hurricane Readiness

Re-Entry Passes

Plan Ahead.

Identify your evacuation route, means of transportation, and know where you will be staying.

Call the PKS Emergency Management Office to sign up for special assistance needs.

Identify out of area emergency contact numbers.

Identify friends and family who can check on you during an emergency.

Pre-plan your home; know the location of all your utility shut offs.

Review your homeowners insurance with your insurance agent; ensure that you have the proper coverage for your home. Flood insurance can be obtained by contacting your insurance agent or through the National Flood Insurance Program at 800-638-6620.

Residents living in rental property should consider purchasing renter’s insurance to cover losses of personal property within the rental unit.

Make a list of your belongings and take pictures or videotape them. Include a close-up shot of the day’s newspaper to provide the date. Keep your inventory list along with purchase receipts, pictures and your insurance policy in a safe place away from your home.

Install a generator that connects directly to your home.

Identify places to secure your outside belongings. Anything left outside becomes a missile during a storm.

Come to the PKS Public Safety Building to get your resident pass.

Keep abreast of weather conditions.

7 Day Disaster Supply Kit Essentials

  • Drinking water (1 gallon per person per day. Do not reuse milk or juice jugs to store water. Even if rinsed out, the jugs will retain residue that will develop into bacteria. Change out water every six months.) 
  • First aid kit and book 
  • Current medication 
  • Extra glasses, hearing aids, and wheelchair batteries 
  • Plenty of oxygen supply 
  • Store enough high energy, non-perishable food and water to last a week 
  • Have a manual can opener 
  • Portable radio/TV and flashlights with plenty of extra batteries 
  • Extra clothing, rain coat and walking shoes 
  • Blankets or sleeping bag 
  • Cell Phone
  • Sanitation Kit (toilet paper, alcohol wipes, anti-bacterial hand cleanser, bleach, bar soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, rubber gloves, trash bags, feminine hygiene supplies) 

Pet Disaster Kit

  • Proper identification to include immunization and rabies records 
  • Ample supply of food and water 
  • Carrier cage, collar with identification, and leash for each animal 
  •  Medications
  • Food and water dishes 
  • Old newspapers and trash bags for clean-up 
  • Pets are not allowed in public shelters 
  • Most hotels and motels do not allow pets 
  • Pet shelters require the above items
For more information, go to http://www.fema.gov/.
For the latest information from the National Weather Service go to http://www.weather.gov/.
The Town of Pine Knoll Shores also has a Community Emergency Response Team made up of volunteers that can be called upon if a situation warrants it. Click HERE to learn more.