Trail Systems

Pine Knoll Shores, NC

The Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area features magical trails through Pine Knoll Shores' maritime forest. The Roosevelt Nature Trail is located at the west end of the North Carolina Aquarium's parking lot. This trail is the more rigorous trail with a winding path a little over a mile along dunes and marshes. The Alice Hoffman Nature Trail is located off the Marsh Boardwalk outside the Coastal Plains Gallery at the Aquarium. This trail is the shorter of the two trails and features a viewing bind for perfect views of the marsh on East Pond.

On your trek through the magical trails in Pine Knoll Shores you can expect to see amazing activity from the creatures in the maritime forest. Watch for waterbirds including egrets, ospreys and heron and on the canopy you might catch a glimpse at flycatchers, chickadees and warblers. The trails are bustling with marsh rabbits, gray squirrels, frogs, turtles, and river otters. You may want to bring insect repellent or protective clothing in warm months when mosquitos and gnats are plentiful.