Planning Board

Meeting Schedule

The Planning Board meeting is the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

General Responsibilities of the Planning Board 

The Planning Board’s duties include but are not limited to studying and making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners concerning particular municipal problems, and ordinances (actual or proposed) relating to such problems. The Planning Board, in accordance with the Town Code of Ordinances, reviews and makes recommendations upon subdivision plans (preliminary and final), site plans and storm water management plans. 


Members serve 2-year terms and the Chairman serves a 1-year term.

Paul Payne, Chairman 

Bruce Beasley* (Non-full resident)

Marsh Cobin* (Non-full resident)

Doug Browne 

Bud Daniels

George Greene 

Isaac "Ike" Pipkin 

Michelle Powers

Bob Holman

Kathy Werle