Parks & Recreation Committee

2017 PARC Survey Results

Meeting Schedule

The Parks and Recreation Committee meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am.

General Responsibilities of the Parks & Recreation Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee shall assume the following as duties for recreation purposes:  

To advise and make recommendations

(1) for the plans to survey the community to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the wants and needs of the entire community as pertains to recreational opportunities

(2) to develop a plan to establish the short and long range goals of the town for recreational purposes in accordance with the findings of the survey; Recreation Survey Results 

(3) to advise in the proposed utilization of lands for recreational purposes which is or will become town property according to deeds in place from the Roosevelt trusts

(4) to advise of the availability of grant funding sources which might be available to the town for recreational purposes, identify matching funds requirements, make recommendations for budgetary considerations and when authorized to participate in the preparation of applications for such grant programs

(5) to advise in the acceptance by the town of any grant, gift, bequest or donation, any personal or real property offered or made available for recreation purposes and which is judged to be of present or possible future use for recreation

(6) and to advise in the development of an ordinance to establish a formal Recreation Board and Department within the Town’s governmental structure once all plans are complete, accepted and approved by the Governing Body.


Kelly Clark

Betty Johnson

Jean McDanal

Linda Pearson

Ron Pearson

Bonnie Peter 

Leann Sanders

Cheryl Smith

Teresa Stanton-Law 

Jim Turner