Ride across North Carolina Four: Travel Day

Scott Sherrill - Monday, September 28, 2015

Travel Day

Today we left early at 6:30 am for Waynesville, North Carolina. Team morale was good because we all know that driving a car across North Carolina is a lot easier than riding a bicycle back.

The team was lead by Miss Buffa, and in her form of Swedish immersion classes, she made the team members first say the English word and then the corresponding Swedish word. It kind of sounded like this:

Bicycle…… Cykel

Dog…… Hund

Pitt Bull…….Pitt Tjur


Tall mountains…….Hoga Bergs

As most of you are aware, some of the words are supposed to have two dots over random vowels, but we cannot make our computer do that. For the first two hours all the riders could talk about was-- when do we get to eat breakfast?…..Frukost.

Just like last year, we asked our PKS supporters if they had any questions they would like us to answer. How many times are we going to fall for this dumb idea! Well here is what we got:

1.  The Swedish lady wanted to know (because she was the one who successfully influenced us to pick Swedish as our cultural theme) what was she going to get out of it?

  • The team deliberated for about 20 seconds and decided to drop her as a friend on face book. It took about another 20 seconds to realize none of us were on face book and we did not even have the Swedish lady as a friend in the first place. But we hope this really teaches her not to mess with us.

2.  The second question was from an older man who wanted to know if he could replace us as the Swedish lady’s friend?

  • What part of our answer to question number 1 did he not understand? We think he is the same man that is hanging around the PKS recycling dumpsters. See the answer to Question 4 below.

3.  The Mayor wanted to know who authorized our team to refer to themselves as the PKS Cycling Team?

  • We refuse to answer this question because it was clearly asked by a politician with some sort of environmentally influenced global warming agenda. Please note that we did not identify the town the mayor was representing.

4.   One person (just like last year) wanted to know about the cycling in the Tour de France and how they related to what the PKS Cycling team did on their ride across North Carolina?

  • For those who remember these from last year, bear with us because if we do not answer this guy’s question, he will never stop. By the way, if you have seen a strange looking man hanging around the dumpsters in front of the Fire Station counting the number of people who do not flatten their cardboard boxes properly before recycling- that’s him!

Let’s start with these:

Peloton- is a large group of riders traveling very close together diminishing wind resistance to those who are following the leaders of the pack.

Answer: Yes we do this as much as we can so we don’t get too tired to continue.

Domestics- are individuals on a team who will sacrifice for others on the team to make their ride easier. Like riding in front or going back to the team car for food and water for their teammates.

Answer: We do not have any of these cyclists on               our team. It’s all for one and none for the others.

Race Radio- is the radio used to keep riders informed of their current location and of any dangers that might be ahead.

Answer: We do not have a race radio. Instead we use all the technology available to us--which is an automatic window opener that allows Buffa or Sylvia to roll down the truck window and yell at us.

What a wonderful travel day! We left the island at 6:30am and arrived in Asheville at 1pm. We promptly showed up at our lunch reservations at Curate Tapas Restaurant--Spanish for “cure yourself” –which we did!  And this is how we did it: ordered Sangria and numerous tapas including butternut squash soup, baby beet salad, skirt steak, and many more delectable dishes.

Then some of us napped while others explored the fabulous city, including the Basilica of St. Lawrence, Grove Arcade, Woolworth Walk and the eclectic sights of beautiful downtown Asheville. Later that evening, another wonderful meal was enjoyed at Nightbell Restaurant which featured another small plate menu based on American cuisine. We devoured Deviled Eggs, Boiled Peanuts, Hush Puppies, Drunken Fried Chicken and not a crumb was left.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at an establishment with a live Zydeco band and enjoyed the music and even some dancing. Then we all literally fell into our beds, exhausted, but knowing the morning would bring even more excitement as tomorrow we start!

Good night (god natt)!!

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