Ride across North Carolina 4, Prologue to the Prologue

Scott Sherrill - Monday, September 21, 2015

So, we have been silent since finishing Ride Number 3 on Oct 3, 2014. Hasn’t the silence been great? But, unfortunately just like a bad habit, we just keep coming back.

Contrary to popular belief, the Pine knoll Shores’ Cycling team did not train all winter, spring and summer getting ready to ride across NC for the 4th time for Charity.  What we did was pretend we were never going to do this ride again unless we got a sign from an inspirational source like from outer space, nature, an intoxicated neighbor, or a television evangelist…you get the picture, we were trying to come up with any reason not to do it, because it would get us out of a lot of training which is always accompanied by pain when you are no longer a spring chicken.

Well, one day a couple of our team members were going over to Havelock to have some BBQ for their training lunch at Big Fellas. On the way they passed the Hospice House and damn if they didn’t see a spring chicken standing on the side of the road.

The team members discussed the meaning of this unusual occurrence while eating pulled pork BBQ, potato salad, green beans and corn bread and decided that if the spring chicken was in any way connected to the Hospice House, the Pine Knoll Shores’ Cycling Team had to take up the challenge of riding across NC again to raise money for the Hospice. For this group this is kind of like a sign sent from heaven. During further team discussions it was discovered that Hospice had indeed been instrumental and phenomenal in taking such good care of someone they knew. And for that, the team wanted to give back to this saintly group of people.

As to the team, Jan Frye’s (the Dog Whisperer) training has been sporadic because of a torn retina in his left eye that required surgery twice.  Although this is certainly a concern of John and Mike, his teammates, they are more worried about how effective the Dog Whisperer will be if he has trouble seeing attacking dogs coming from his left. They quickly developed a brilliant strategy to combat this defensive weakness that is quite simple.  If an attack dog comes from the right, Jan (the Dog Whisperer) will simply talk it into submission as usual. But if the dog comes from the left side – Mike, who is well aware that a large pit bull could easily bite his bike in half, plans to switch over to Jan’s right side and yell “hey a dog is about to bite you!” John, a college down hill snow skier, plans to use his collegiate training by finding the closest natural mogul (tiny hill) and jump over the dog and speed away.

Some of you are clearly thinking that real teammates would not expose one of their own to get away from a charging -lets just say it- pit bull. John and Mike, when questioned on this point, quickly responded if Jan (the Dog Whisperer) can’t talk himself out of this situation, who can?

Our team managers Buffa and Sylvia have agreed to again provide logistics, training and first aid support for the Cyclists, but have issued the Cyclists a twenty eight-page list of do’s and don’ts that we will report on later. When asked why the list was so long and exhaustive- Buffa and Sylvia simply responded, “You can’t fix stupid -but you have got to keep trying”.

We appreciate every one of you who supported us last year and as a result we were successful in raising $5000 for the Hope for the Warriors Project. We now plan to concentrate on raising as much as we can for our Hospice House, to whom many of us owe a great deal of gratitude.

So if you get this “blog”, we leave on September 26 (Travel Day), start the bike trip on the 27th, will send you daily reports, and all you have to do is wait anxiously each day to receive all the exciting news about your Pine Knoll Shores’ Cycling Team.  We have chosen to wear yellow and sky blue team colors and speak Swedish this year to honor the contributions of our neighbor, the crazy Swedish Lady, who last year motivated the team by questioning their hearts and their desire to succeed in this impossible endeavor. So to you Swedish Lady, we say Skoal!

Late breaking news (aka rumors) has it that Bill and Tina Keefe will join us on the last day of the ride to provide moral support.

When you are getting moral support from an Irishman on a motorcycle what possibly could go wrong? As usual Tina has agreed to supervise this activity, but has not afforded any information that has convinced our cyclists that mixing motorcycles and bicycles and Irish libations is a good idea.

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