Ride across North Carolina #4 Day 3: From Shelby to Concord

Scott Sherrill - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today’s ride was 78.8 miles with an elevation gain of 3328 feet.  It took our cyclists 6.5 hours to complete the course---and it was less painful than yesterday!  The ride began in a moderate rain, which continued until it turned to hard rain and then moved into the Monsoon Category.  The wind was blowing about 15 mph from the east--or in other words

the Atlantic Ocean. The locals describe this wind as so unusual, they consider it not right! Our cyclists said they had a better day because they have gotten used to being

wet, cold and tired and in a weird way they are starting to like it.

The PKS medical staff (BH and SB), in taking care of the cyclists, made them turn in all the sharp objects they had in their possession. They then put them on a short list for treatment for a rare form of mental illness associated with being crazy for enduring this special form of torture.

Speaking of crazy, did you know that Willy Nelson wrote the song “Crazy” and was so desperate for money he sold it to Patsy Cline for $50. Patsy Cline was already a country music star and working to extend a string of hits, picked it as a follow-up to her previous big hit "I Fall to Pieces". "Crazy". It’s complex melody suiting Cline's vocal talent perfectly, it was released in late 1961 and immediately became another huge hit for Cline and widened the crossover audience she had established with her prior hits. It spent 21 weeks on the chart and eventually became one of her signature tunes. Cline's version is #85 on Rolling Stones’ list of The Five Hundred Greatest Hits of all time.

Speaking of crazy…now back to the action. JF (Dog Whisperer) had his bike repaired over night and was ready to go at first light. Remember, he did not ride the last 20 miles the day before because his bike was broken. JB and MH finished the course and were feeling a bit peaked at first light and in fact offered a number of excuses to the team trainers why they should get the day off. Well you know that was going nowhere because the PKS Cycling team’s motto is “Go Hard or Go Home”. So they rode like the US postal service’s motto “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. We are not sure they (The US Postal Service) did not steal that from Santa Claus, but we have to focus on finishing this blog.

Remember from the prologue the 28 Team rules that our trainers imposed on the PKS Cyclists. Well, here are a few and how they are working so far:

  • Do not lose track of your teammates during the ride or you will have to go find them. This rule has only been violated 16 times in four days.
  • Never remove any of your clothing in public. Violated by JB and his socks yesterday.
  • Never drink too much after a long ride because it will dehydrate you and you might get cramps. All three of our riders have experienced this displeasure.
  • Never but never insult the support staff.  By the way, they are the team managers and they don’t like to be called “Staff.”  JB has now promised to present flowers to BH, but she prefers Champagne. 
  • Cyclists should protect their equipment at all times and never lose any of it.  MH left his helmet on the truck bed tonneau cover, and drove away.  The helmet is gone for good.  He had to buy a replacement helmet, but all-the-while protesting he did not need one, because his ancestors, the Germans, have hard heads.  BH claimed he is as crazy as the song Willie Nelson wrote. 

Tonight we partook of lovely Indian Cuisine, consisting of chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, lentils, spinach, naan bread, and chased with Hayward 5500 Indian beer, with an alcohol content of 8 percent.

JF was interviewed and photographed by the local paper, while standing in line get his bike fixed.  His particulars appeared in the The Star newspaper, which is a local Shelby, NC newspaper.

The Swedish lady called to complain the cyclists have been grousing every day about rain.  She said, if you want to see rain, travel to PKS.  She further asserts if you are cycling in PKS, you would have to employ a snorkel.  And finally, she claims we are not using a sufficient number of Swedish words in the blog.  Here are a few more for our reading audience. 

  • Crazy (Galen)
  • No problem (Inga Problem)
  • Don’t worry about it (det gor inget)
  • Where is the toilet please (var ar toaletten)

Until tomorrow, Hej, hej !!

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