Sidewalk Bidding Documents

Scott Sherrill - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bidding documents for the Town's Arborvitae to Mimosa sidewalk segment are now available. Click this link to access them. The bidding deadline is September 9 at 2 PM. 

Pine Knoll Shores Welcome Packet

Scott Sherrill - Friday, August 12, 2016

Please click here to take a look at the Pine Knoll Shores Welcome Packet. In it, you will find some valuable information like: volunteering, staff contact information, trash and recycling picking, police and fire programs, etc. We welcome you to take a look and call us with any questions you may have!

March 2016 Shoreline Now Available Online

Scott Sherrill - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

March Shoreline

In Case You Missed It Stormwater and Groundwater Presentation

Scott Sherrill - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

If you missed the stormwater and groundwater presentation on February 19, featuring speakers from the Eastern Carolina Council of Governments and East Carolina University, it is available here: 

Weather---12 Feb 2016

Scott Sherrill - Friday, February 12, 2016

Weather alert---12 Feb 2016

Ride across North Carolina #4 Day 4: From Concord to Southern Pines

Scott Sherrill - Friday, October 02, 2015

Ride across North Carolina #4

Day 4: From Concord to Southern Pines

When the Blog Team editors looked over our work from last night, they realized we forgot to describe some of the fabulous area attractions around Concord, NC. Most of you are well aware that we really do not have Blog Team Editors. So how does this blog get written everyday? Well, it is usually done by the person on the Team who cares the most about our fans at any given moment on any given day.

So with that in mind here are the Concord Attractions. Wait, the Crazy Swedish Lady just sent a tweet and said she wanted more details. OK-- she asked for it so here it is.

It is Wednesday morning at 5:24 am and the Team member who has been assigned to care the most at this particular time is a southern male about six foot one inches tall, with a strong southern accent, currently wearing just his underpants and reading glasses.

He really doesn’t care that much about anything right now because he is dead tired, but currently on probation for losing his helmet yesterday. Our Team managers would be perfect running a maximum-security prison in Texas where they are serious about good order and discipline. 

So here are the attractions:

  • The Concord Mills Mall, one of the best shopping destinations in North and South Carolina.
  • The Concord Museum, was originally a confederate museum, but now houses other information because according to recent historical revisions the Civil War did not take place. All of you who have followed Civil War History can now just forget about it.
  • The Charlotte Motor Speedway is 2,000 acres of NASCAR on steroids. The land the Charlotte Motor Speedway now occupies was the site of a working plantation during the Civil War (again which did not take place).
  • President George Washington ate lunch and rested in a house that once served as the speedway’s offices. Don’t get me started- was he really the President- how did he eat lunch with wooden teeth?

Wait! I think it worked--I have been asked to slowly move away from the computer with my hands above my head and then sit quietly in a chair by the window and stare out at the rain. Yes--it is raining again today and I am not sure if I want to play anymore.

Todays ride was 79.9 miles (we will just call it 80) with an elevation gain of 3733 feet. This is our last day in the Mountains so tomorrow we will be ready to start the part of this ride that we are trained for--yes the Coastal Plains (flatlands)!!  

Breaking news…

This just in from Cycle North Carolina:

We have received the most recent report from Emergency Management and due to the forecast of extensive flooding, the threat of landfall from Hurricane Joaquin and the safety of our participants we have decided to end the ride.   

The Cycle NC headquarters will be available in the morning to answer any questions that you may have regarding your options.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we are focused on getting everyone home safely. 

Just prior to this announcement the PKS Cycling Team decided to pack up and head quickly back to Carteret County because the Jarrett Bay Oyster Company had experienced extensive damage during last week because of extreme weather and needed immediate attention. JB, and JF (Now the Oyster Whisperer) and MH quickly dropped their smelly cycling gear, put on their best oyster farming clothes and headed to Jarrett Bay to fix all the problems caused by the bad weather.  They also will work the next three days to prepare for a storm landfall in our area. We hope and pray this will not happen and have gotten a good start on correcting the damage that was caused by the storm last week.

Goodbye is always bittersweet, but we love representing PKS in this event and hope you remember to make a contribution to Hospice.  Please remember, they are there for each and every one of us in what can be the most difficult time in our lives. Please hug a Hospice associate when you can.  They completely deserve it and, from our experiences, we believe they are angels on earth.


On the last day of the ride, MH was six miles from the 2nd rest stop chasing JB downhill as fast as their bikes could go when there was a loud snap and loss of power to the pedals on his bike. He slowly coasted to a stop and realized his chain was no longer on his bike, but instead was in the road about two blocks from where he stopped. JF behind MH quickly stopped to render assistance and summed up the situation by saying “boy you are screwed now!”

MH did not even have time to get despondent when he heard a voice say, “Do you boys need any help?” The man was driving an older black cargo van and said he would be happy to drive us to the next rest stop. He opened the back door of the van and JF and MH put their bikes in the back, which had an open space all the way to the driver and passenger seats. He then offered to stop by his house and get an additional seat, but MH said that he was so tired he would just lie down in the back. MH quickly noticed some sort of dried flowers lying in the back and began to wonder about this vehicle’s business use. The driver informed the cyclists that he worked for two local funeral homes and this was the vehicle they moved bodies around in before funerals. MH told the driver that he was feeling very peaceful and dreamlike while lying in the back of the van, but he did not have time for his own funeral because he had to get back to Carteret County to save Jarrett Bay Oyster Company. The driver responded “that’s OK,” but not to fall asleep because strange accidents happen in every business. Later, when the PKS Cyclists got out of the van, the driver heard MH and JF discussing the fact that neither one of them had any money to get the bike fixed. The driver graciously offered to give them money, which they declined.  However, they were convinced they had just been given a ride by an Angel on earth. If you think we made this up, please check with Edwards Funeral Home in Norwood, NC and ask for Clarence. 

In closing, we would encourage each of you to seek out hospice earth Angels and thank them for their wonderful contributions.  Just as importantly, we encourage you to contribute to the hospice organizations of Carteret County.

Crystal Coast Hospice House provides an inpatient hospice facility to patients and families along the central NC coast and Hospice of Carteret County provides in-home patient care through extensive Nursing Services. If you want to contribute, you simply make a check out to Crystal Coast Hospice House or the Carteret General Foundation (annotate your check for Hospice) to support Hospice of Carteret County and mail it to Mike Hargett, 139 Hoffman Beach Rd, Atlantic Beach, NC 28512. Mike will take your contributions to these agencies and ensure you get a letter acknowledging your tax-deductible contribution.

Ride across North Carolina #4 Day 3: From Shelby to Concord

Scott Sherrill - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today’s ride was 78.8 miles with an elevation gain of 3328 feet.  It took our cyclists 6.5 hours to complete the course---and it was less painful than yesterday!  The ride began in a moderate rain, which continued until it turned to hard rain and then moved into the Monsoon Category.  The wind was blowing about 15 mph from the east--or in other words

the Atlantic Ocean. The locals describe this wind as so unusual, they consider it not right! Our cyclists said they had a better day because they have gotten used to being

wet, cold and tired and in a weird way they are starting to like it.

The PKS medical staff (BH and SB), in taking care of the cyclists, made them turn in all the sharp objects they had in their possession. They then put them on a short list for treatment for a rare form of mental illness associated with being crazy for enduring this special form of torture.

Speaking of crazy, did you know that Willy Nelson wrote the song “Crazy” and was so desperate for money he sold it to Patsy Cline for $50. Patsy Cline was already a country music star and working to extend a string of hits, picked it as a follow-up to her previous big hit "I Fall to Pieces". "Crazy". It’s complex melody suiting Cline's vocal talent perfectly, it was released in late 1961 and immediately became another huge hit for Cline and widened the crossover audience she had established with her prior hits. It spent 21 weeks on the chart and eventually became one of her signature tunes. Cline's version is #85 on Rolling Stones’ list of The Five Hundred Greatest Hits of all time.

Speaking of crazy…now back to the action. JF (Dog Whisperer) had his bike repaired over night and was ready to go at first light. Remember, he did not ride the last 20 miles the day before because his bike was broken. JB and MH finished the course and were feeling a bit peaked at first light and in fact offered a number of excuses to the team trainers why they should get the day off. Well you know that was going nowhere because the PKS Cycling team’s motto is “Go Hard or Go Home”. So they rode like the US postal service’s motto “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. We are not sure they (The US Postal Service) did not steal that from Santa Claus, but we have to focus on finishing this blog.

Remember from the prologue the 28 Team rules that our trainers imposed on the PKS Cyclists. Well, here are a few and how they are working so far:

  • Do not lose track of your teammates during the ride or you will have to go find them. This rule has only been violated 16 times in four days.
  • Never remove any of your clothing in public. Violated by JB and his socks yesterday.
  • Never drink too much after a long ride because it will dehydrate you and you might get cramps. All three of our riders have experienced this displeasure.
  • Never but never insult the support staff.  By the way, they are the team managers and they don’t like to be called “Staff.”  JB has now promised to present flowers to BH, but she prefers Champagne. 
  • Cyclists should protect their equipment at all times and never lose any of it.  MH left his helmet on the truck bed tonneau cover, and drove away.  The helmet is gone for good.  He had to buy a replacement helmet, but all-the-while protesting he did not need one, because his ancestors, the Germans, have hard heads.  BH claimed he is as crazy as the song Willie Nelson wrote. 

Tonight we partook of lovely Indian Cuisine, consisting of chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, lentils, spinach, naan bread, and chased with Hayward 5500 Indian beer, with an alcohol content of 8 percent.

JF was interviewed and photographed by the local paper, while standing in line get his bike fixed.  His particulars appeared in the The Star newspaper, which is a local Shelby, NC newspaper.

The Swedish lady called to complain the cyclists have been grousing every day about rain.  She said, if you want to see rain, travel to PKS.  She further asserts if you are cycling in PKS, you would have to employ a snorkel.  And finally, she claims we are not using a sufficient number of Swedish words in the blog.  Here are a few more for our reading audience. 

  • Crazy (Galen)
  • No problem (Inga Problem)
  • Don’t worry about it (det gor inget)
  • Where is the toilet please (var ar toaletten)

Until tomorrow, Hej, hej !!

Ride across North Carolina #4: Day 2

Scott Sherrill - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ride across North Carolina #4

Day 2: From Hendersonville to Shelby

Today was different, as our cyclists were playing hurt, but according to JB’s interpretation of the map the course was one big descent at the start and then flat the rest of the day. It was not anything like that at all and he later explained that it was a lot harder because the ride officials had changed the scale of the elevations and “that is why it was hard to interpret”.

It was 76.1 miles with an elevation gain of 4072 feet.  It took our cyclists 7.5 hours to complete the course---and it was painful!  The ride began in a moderate rain, which continued until noon.  It quit abruptly, but sprang up again throughout the ride.  Cold, soggy and painful…these are the words to describe this second day of riding. 

For those of you who have followed us before, we introduced the concept of “rollers” as it applies to cycling techniques that allows us to go down a hill with such speed as to reach the crest of the next hill.  We compared the concept of rollers to the wave action in the Beaufort Inlet.  As you descend into the first wave, you want to make sure your boat meets the crest of the second wave, until safely into the Atlantic Ocean.   

We would like to introduce a new concept in cycling.  It’s called “high mountain rollers.”  These involve descending very steep mountain roads at an average of 40 miles an hour, and not making it to the top of the next hill.  In this year’s ride, this task is made more difficult because of the rain and extremely slippery roads (covered by wet leaves and mud).  It goes without saying that when you do not reach the top of the next hill, one must put one’s bike in the lowest possible gear to enable reaching the top of the next hill.  This sometimes consumes many minutes of excruciating pain.  Quoting JB, when riding a bicycle, you must “pay the piper. You can either pay the piper when training, or you will pay the piper on the ride.  Either way, the piper will be paid…one way or the other…with interest.”

Speaking of clever sayings, PKSers are quite aware that NC history is well founded in religious beliefs.  So...let us confirm that by what we saw on various church signs as we rode today’s course:

  • One message was printed on an enormous cross (Korsa) stating, “Jesus died for sinners.”
  • A sign on a neighboring church proclaimed, “God made everything beautiful”.
  • In the front yard of a local resident, there was a hand-made sign that stated, “The wages of sin are death”.
  • The next sign the cyclists saw as we ascended a huge hill then began our descent, was a road sign proclaiming it was ‘Hallelujah Hill.’

All riders accepted these signs as good omens, and embraced the fact that the ride across North Carolina is kind of like a religious experience. 

Back to the cyclists, JB and MH actually had a great day in the saddle and finished the course without incident.  The Dog Whisperer (JF) had a mechanical problem (broken spoke) at the 60-mile mark.  In cycling, this may be as rare as finding the Hope Diamond.  He was very clever, as breaking a spoke (Bruten Yttrade) allowed him to be transported via a warm vehicle the last 20 miles of the course. 

When JB and MH learned of JF’s misfortune, they also volunteered to kick out their spokes, so they could avoid the last very painful 20 miles.  The Dog Whisperer (JF) informed them the van was completely full, and they would have to continue riding the course.  Again, JF is a clever fellow. 

At the same rest stop, JB was so despondent after learning he could not ride in the van, he sat on the curb and wrung (ie… squeezed & twisted) the rain water out of his socks before proceeding. It was definitely a wet day. MH was concerned that JB in his confused state of mind might do the same thing with his riding shorts and suggest they better get going--which probably stopped something that surely would have made at least the local papers.

We can’t seem to ride without being threatened by cur dogs.  So JF was again able to perform an amazing feat...he subdued four large pit bull (pitt tujrars) dogs simply by talking them down.  His courageous actions undoubtedly saved the legs of many fellow bikers. 

Not to be outdone, JB rescued a confused pet kitten (Kattunge) from harm by scooping it up from the road, and delivering it the gentle farm lady down the lane.

We are spending the night in Shelby, NC.  Shelby has several area attractions:

  • It was the filming location for the movie “The Hunger Games”…District 12.
  • Lake Lure, which is the film sight for “Dirty Dancing”.
  • The Earl Scruggs Center: Music and Stories from the American South is a high tech museum honoring this legendary banjo player.
  • The Don Gibson Theater is named for the country musician legend and Shelby native who is famous for writing the songs “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Sea of Heartbreak”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Oh Lonesome Me” and many others.
  • And, of course, the Livermush Expo which began in 1987 to celebrate the unique delicacy.

In the evening, we enjoyed our usual Margarita(s) followed by a lovely dinner and made it an early night. Well, except for the part where we all worked on the report, and one person (you know who you are JB) complained about the support team. You, sir, are on a slippery slope. From a person who knows best (MH), when you are on one of BH’s slippery slope reports, the best way out is to pay the wages of a sinner.

Bye! (Hej hej) Note: the best posted sign of the day was “I started with nothing and I have a lot of it left!”

Crystal Coast Hospice House provides an inpatient hospice facility to patients and families along the central NC coast and Hospice of Carteret County provides in-home patient care through extensive Nursing Services. If you want to contribute, you simply make a check out to Crystal Coast Hospice House or the Carteret General Foundation (annotate your check for Hospice) to support Hospice of Carteret County and mail it to Mike Hargett, 139 Hoffman Beach Rd, Atlantic Beach, NC 28512. Mike will take your contributions to these agencies and ensure you get a letter acknowledging your tax deductible contribution. Tack, Tack. Tack !!!!!!!!!!

Notice of Public Hearings: October 14, 2015

Scott Sherrill - Monday, September 28, 2015

Notice of Public Hearing

Proposed Ordinance Amendments

Town of Pine Knoll Shores, NC

          The Pine Knoll Shores Board of Commissioners will hold public hearings on Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, on recodification and changes to the Town’s Stormwater Ordinance and changes to the Town's Zoning Enforcement Ordinance, in the Pine Knoll Shores Town Hall Board Room, 100 Municipal Circle, for the purpose of receiving comments on the proposed ordinances. The proposed ordinance is available on the Town website: Persons wishing to be heard are invited to make written or oral comments.

Zoning Enforcement Ordinance

Stormwater Ordinance

Thank you,

Scott Sherrill, Town Clerk/Planning Administrator Town of Pine Knoll Shores

100 Municipal Circle

Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512

252-247-4353, ext 11

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Ride across North Carolina Four: Travel Day

Scott Sherrill - Monday, September 28, 2015

Travel Day

Today we left early at 6:30 am for Waynesville, North Carolina. Team morale was good because we all know that driving a car across North Carolina is a lot easier than riding a bicycle back.

The team was lead by Miss Buffa, and in her form of Swedish immersion classes, she made the team members first say the English word and then the corresponding Swedish word. It kind of sounded like this:

Bicycle…… Cykel

Dog…… Hund

Pitt Bull…….Pitt Tjur


Tall mountains…….Hoga Bergs

As most of you are aware, some of the words are supposed to have two dots over random vowels, but we cannot make our computer do that. For the first two hours all the riders could talk about was-- when do we get to eat breakfast?…..Frukost.

Just like last year, we asked our PKS supporters if they had any questions they would like us to answer. How many times are we going to fall for this dumb idea! Well here is what we got:

1.  The Swedish lady wanted to know (because she was the one who successfully influenced us to pick Swedish as our cultural theme) what was she going to get out of it?

  • The team deliberated for about 20 seconds and decided to drop her as a friend on face book. It took about another 20 seconds to realize none of us were on face book and we did not even have the Swedish lady as a friend in the first place. But we hope this really teaches her not to mess with us.

2.  The second question was from an older man who wanted to know if he could replace us as the Swedish lady’s friend?

  • What part of our answer to question number 1 did he not understand? We think he is the same man that is hanging around the PKS recycling dumpsters. See the answer to Question 4 below.

3.  The Mayor wanted to know who authorized our team to refer to themselves as the PKS Cycling Team?

  • We refuse to answer this question because it was clearly asked by a politician with some sort of environmentally influenced global warming agenda. Please note that we did not identify the town the mayor was representing.

4.   One person (just like last year) wanted to know about the cycling in the Tour de France and how they related to what the PKS Cycling team did on their ride across North Carolina?

  • For those who remember these from last year, bear with us because if we do not answer this guy’s question, he will never stop. By the way, if you have seen a strange looking man hanging around the dumpsters in front of the Fire Station counting the number of people who do not flatten their cardboard boxes properly before recycling- that’s him!

Let’s start with these:

Peloton- is a large group of riders traveling very close together diminishing wind resistance to those who are following the leaders of the pack.

Answer: Yes we do this as much as we can so we don’t get too tired to continue.

Domestics- are individuals on a team who will sacrifice for others on the team to make their ride easier. Like riding in front or going back to the team car for food and water for their teammates.

Answer: We do not have any of these cyclists on               our team. It’s all for one and none for the others.

Race Radio- is the radio used to keep riders informed of their current location and of any dangers that might be ahead.

Answer: We do not have a race radio. Instead we use all the technology available to us--which is an automatic window opener that allows Buffa or Sylvia to roll down the truck window and yell at us.

What a wonderful travel day! We left the island at 6:30am and arrived in Asheville at 1pm. We promptly showed up at our lunch reservations at Curate Tapas Restaurant--Spanish for “cure yourself” –which we did!  And this is how we did it: ordered Sangria and numerous tapas including butternut squash soup, baby beet salad, skirt steak, and many more delectable dishes.

Then some of us napped while others explored the fabulous city, including the Basilica of St. Lawrence, Grove Arcade, Woolworth Walk and the eclectic sights of beautiful downtown Asheville. Later that evening, another wonderful meal was enjoyed at Nightbell Restaurant which featured another small plate menu based on American cuisine. We devoured Deviled Eggs, Boiled Peanuts, Hush Puppies, Drunken Fried Chicken and not a crumb was left.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at an establishment with a live Zydeco band and enjoyed the music and even some dancing. Then we all literally fell into our beds, exhausted, but knowing the morning would bring even more excitement as tomorrow we start!

Good night (god natt)!!