Community appearance Commission

Meeting Schedule

The meeting of the Community Appearance Commission is the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am.

Mission Statement 

The Community Appearance Commission assists the Town Board and the Chief Code Enforcement Officer in initiating, establishing, and enhancing programs, projects, and policies that maintain and improve the physical appearance and quality of life in Pine Knoll Shores. 

Landscape Ordinance 

The Town Ordinance requires a landscaping permit before removing trees or shrubs with a trunk diameter in excess of three (3) inches measured three and one-half (3 ½) feet from the base of the tree. Make sure you or your contractor obtains necessary permits before removing trees, shrubs or clearing a lot for building. 

Tree City USA 

The Town of Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina has been certified as a “Tree City, USA” community for 15 years. The Community Appearance Commission serves as the Tree Board, whose purpose is to foster the short and long range management of trees within public street rights of way, town owned property and other public property and to encourage the use of trees to create and maintain a more natural and congenial living environment. 

Town officials have adopted a public tree ordinance, the purpose of which is to foster the planting, maintenance and protection of trees on land publicly owned by the Town of Pine Knoll Shores. 

General Responsibilities of the Community Appearance Commission 

It is the general responsibility of the Community Appearance Commission to study and evaluate the visual problems and needs of the Town. This includes new construction, alterations and additions by property owners and developers. They make plans and carry out programs that will, in accordance with the powers set forth in the town code of ordinances, enhance and improve the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the Town. 

In particular, the Commission strives to assure that any proposed new construction or development makes effective use of existing terrain and environment, and preserves to the extent possible the maritime forest and shrubbery indigenous to the town. 

Stop by Town Hall and pick up a revised January 2006 copy of the booklet “Guidelines to Building & Gardening in Pine Knoll Shores”!


Members serve 3-year terms and the Chairman serves a 1-year term.

Lois Jean O'Keefe, Chair

Mary MacDonald 

Paul Pylko 

Larry Starling

Clare Winslow

Steve Flech