Board of Adjustment

Meeting Schedule

The Board of Adjustment meets as necessary the 1st Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am. The Annual Organizational Meeting is the 1st Tuesday in October at 9:30 am.

General Responsibilities of the Board of Adjustments 

The Board of Adjustment is responsible for hearing requests for variances and appeals from particular decisions of the Zoning Administrator and the Planning Board. There is a nonrefundable fee for each application for a variance or appeal of $250.00, to cover costs of advertising and other administrative expenses involved. For further information contact the Planning and Inspections Department.

Variance Application


Members serve a 3-year term and the Chairman serves a 1-year term

Richard Seale, Chairman 

Yvette Bannen 

Barbara Lemons 

JoAnn Shallcross 

John Tilyard 

Arlene Terrell, Alternate 

Pete Miller, Alternate

Dominic Baccollo, Alternate