About Us

How It All Started

In 1917, Alice Green Hoffman, a native of New York City with a residence in Paris, purchased substantial acreage on Bogue Banks from John Royall, who had named his property Isle of Pines. Mrs. Hoffman came here off and on until 1938 when she made Bogue Banks her permanent residence. She died in 1953. Alice Hoffman had no children. Her only niece married Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., eldest son of President Teddy Roosevelt. In 1939, Alice’s property was placed in a trust for Eleanor’s children. After Mrs. Hoffman’s death, members of this trust developed Pine Knoll Shores. 


Critical to the evolution of this community has been the contribution of the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who have given so freely of their time and talents and continue to give. Because of these caring, involved townspeople, a distinctive community has been created which today offers many advantages to its residents. The ambience of the town was created by the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor and this makes Pine Knoll Shores a community in the truest sense of the word. The Town's volunteers are a critical component of its local government operation. 

Names of Eleanor’s children in bold. Front Row: T.R. III’s wife, Anne Babcock Roosevelt; Ted Roosevelt II with granddaughter Eleanor MacMillan on his lap; Grace Green Roosevelt McMillan; Eleanor Butler Roosevelt with grandson, William Jr., on her lap; Theodore Roosevelt III. Standing: Grace’s husband, William McMillan; Quentin Roosevelt (died in 1948). Picture taken in 1941 and appeared in Day After Yesterday. Photo of Cornelius, not in the family picture, was added on top right.

How It Progressed

The Roosevelts were conservationists and, while developing the central section of Pine Knoll Shores, realized the best way to care for common areas and safeguard the natural environment was to create homeowner associations and develop covenants to guide them. Pine Knoll Association (PKA) was the first (1967) and was the only governing body in Pine Knoll Shores until Pine Knoll Shores Corporation (PIKSCO) formed in July 1973. Each new development would have its own homeowner association.

In August 1973, the town voted to incorporate. The State of North Carolina officially recognized incorporation of the Town of Pine Knoll Shores in May 1974. The Roosevelts gave the town a section of Alice Hoffman’s house serving as a property development office to be the first town hall. In July 1974, the house was moved to a 25-acre plot on Pine Knoll Boulevard donated by the Roosevelts. The present town hall sits on the same plot. The first meeting took place in the newly constructed town hall on April 3, 1979. For more information, go to http://pineknollhistory.blogspot.com.  

Continuing To Grow

Town services expanded with the addition of a public safety building located at 314 Salter Path Road. The property and Wachovia Bank building were purchased and the building was renovated to house the Fire/EMS and Emergency Management Department along with the Police Department. The Public Safety Building was dedicated on December 14, 2003. The celebration took on more meaning as citizens and town officials celebrated the 30th anniversary of the incorporation of the town along with the dedication of the building.


The Town's History Committee maintains a blog chronicling significant people, places, and events from the community's past. 


The Town of Pine Knoll Shores operates under the Council-Manager system of government. The Mayor and Board of Commissioners are the policy and decision-making body of the Town. 


The Town Manager and Staff carry out the day to day operations of the Town.