Bulk Waste/ White Goods Pick Up

Date: 12-Nov-2019


Please read the information below carefully
All items must be out on Monday (November 11) night

Bulk waste includes:
  • household furniture
  • mattresses
  • bedding
  • outdoor grills (propane tanks are excluded)
  • outdoor furniture
  • bags of clothing
  • small quantities of construction and demolition material normally associated with minor homeowner repairs.

Items other than furniture must be bagged or tied in bundles, with long items not to exceed four feet in length. Doors can be discarded in their full length.

Typical white goods are appliances such as:
  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • washing machines
  • clothes dryers
  • dishwashers
  • hot water heaters

Absolutely no used tires, batteries, light bulbs, oil, grease, paint, or any other materials that are considered toxic will be collected since these materials are considered to be hazardous.

If you are not able to leave items out on November 12, the Carteret County website has a comprehensive list of recycling options. 

Please note that items put out after the initial collection will not be picked up.